What is EQ?

EQ test - stands for Emotion Quotient test - is a term used to measure and determine EI (Emotion Intelligence) or you can understand basically the ability to regulate behavior and emotion of each person.

Normally EQ test is indicated by two models including "capacity" and "characteristic" model. The "capability" model includes 4 categories: cognitive emotions, emotion using, emotion understanding and emotion management. The "characteristic" model is expressed through personality, behavior and ability to perceive one’s own behavior.

If IQ test score is used to measure your intelligence quotient, expressed in thinking ability, logic integrity and it can perfectly demonstrate your working ability, EQ test score is completely opposite. You may have excessively high IQ and equal-to-0 EQ or vice versa very high EQ and below average IQ, these two indicators do not affect each other. High IQ is expressed by a genius person. High EQ is expressed by an integrated person who adapts well to all social contexts and is loved by community. As long as you have high EQ test score, even if your IQ test score is low, you can still live well anywhere. But if you're a genius with EQ = 0, then you are merely a lonely weirdo that is always alienated and of course only company that can afford you dare to give you employment. This does not mean that EQ determines all, both two indicators are important in the development of human society. IQ represents the evolution of intelligence, EQ represents the evolution of society. Maybe in the future there will be a certain indicator affecting human development, but for now IQ and EQ are still the two most important factors.

Therefore, let's develop your EQ test score more right now to improve yourself, become more active and integrating in the world that never stops moving today.

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